Friday, 15 April 2016

REVIEW: The River 68's - Piece EP

Piece is the third EP from Glaswegian rock n soul band The River 68's, following their initial self-titled effort and the recent 'live and acoustic at La Chunky'. Those who know the band will already be familiar with their soulful, rock n roll sound and this EP continues in that vein with great success. The four tracks here are all feel-good, uplifting numbers, with subtle gospel vibes to each that can't help but raise your spirits. The guitar work on the two openers is just dripping in Stones-esque swagger, complimented perfectly with honky tonk piano and exquisite vocal harmonies. This is all set off by the goose bump inducing vocals of lead singer Craig McCabe, surely the UK's finest undiscovered talent. There's some variety included in the slow burning Forget Your Illusion, a track capable of giving even this hardened atheist a spiritual moment, before Make Hay When The Sun Shines combines the best of both worlds to bring the EP to a close. It's another slice of genius by the Scottish outfit that is over all too quickly, but hopefully they'll be hitting the studio soon with a view to recording a full length effort. Without doubt ones to watch.


Sonny And The Second Hand Store
Forget Your Illusion
Make Hay When The Sun Shines

You can download this EP from the band's Bandcamp page here.

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